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The Green Campus Programme has been in operation in Ireland since 2007. At present 60 Campuses are formally registered on the Programme, with twenty-two awarded the Green Flag, including two hospital sites. See Awarded Sites page for more information. For further information on the programme: Green Campus Description 2023-2024

The Green-Campus Programme encourages a partnership approach to environmental education, management and action in third level institutions. The Programme primarily aims to ensure that members of a campus community can engage in a meaningful way to enhance sustainability on campus. It must be noted that the Green-Campus Programme does not reward specific environmental projects or implementation of a new technology. Rather it rewards long term commitment to continuous improvement from the campus community.

Green-Campus is operated in Ireland by An Taisce – the National Trust for Ireland.

An Taisce’s Environmental Education Unit is responsible for developing and operating some of Ireland’s most popular and successful environmental programmes and campaigns.

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An Taisce, meaning ‘The Store House’ or ‘Treasury’ is The National Trust For Ireland, and is Ireland’s oldest environmental charity.  It was founded over 60 years ago to protect the environment and heritage of Ireland for the benefit of the people and future generations and for the ‘Common Good’.  Since its foundation, An Taisce has worked in practical ways to protect our natural environment and our built heritage. It is a prescribed body in Irish planning law and an advocate of sustainable development, climate security, food security, energy security, water security and biodiversity conservation.  An Taisce is also a membership organisation with active volunteers and local associations located throughout the country.

In order for a Campus to qualify for the Green-Campus Award a committee representative of the campus community must be formed.  This committee must then register its intent to implement the Green-Campus Programme with the Environmental Education Unit at An Taisce.  The support of the Head of Campus is required for registration. Committees must have a sustainable functioning committee and must be registered for a minimum of 1.5 academic years and have successfully implemented all seven steps of the programme with some results before applying for the Award.

The seven steps of the programme are: establishing a Green-Campus committee incorporating student and staff representatives, undertaking an environmental review, implementing an action plan, monitoring and evaluating actions carried out, linking the programme to curriculum work, informing and involving the campus and wider community, and developing a green charter.

 See Seven Steps

The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation promoting sustainable development through environmental education.  FEE was established in 1981 and was originally a European initiative primarily active in environmental education through internal meetings, external seminars and conferences, and in a number of publications.  Today FEE operates globally and is mainly active through its five environmental education programmes: Blue Flag, Eco-Schools (Green-Schools), Young Reporters for the Environment, Learning about Forests and Green Key.  FEE’s first programme, Blue Flag, was a French idea launched in 1985, when the foundation consisted of only four national member organisations. Since then however FEE and its membership has grown to include organisations from over 70 countries.  In 2003, FEE signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” (MoU) with UNEP that “formalises long-standing relationship between UNEP and FEE and provides a framework for long term co-operation on areas of common interest relating to education, training and public awareness for sustainable development globally”. This MoU provides a solid basis for furthering the work already undertaken by FEE and UNEP, in particular with regard to the introduction of FEE programmes and associated activities in developing countries and those with economies in transition.
The Eco-Schools Programme was developed by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), this organisation holds the primary copyright and intellectual property rights to all programme materials: criteria, workbooks, forms etc.  In Ireland the Eco-Schools Programme is called Green-Schools. The Green-Campus Programme is an evolution and adaptation of the International Eco-Schools Programme.

The Environmental Education Unit at An Taisce is the National Operator in Ireland for all international environmental education programmes of FEE.  The criteria and other scheme materials are solely for the use of third level educational institutions wishing to join the Green Campus Programme.  Copying or use of the criteria or other programme material for any other purpose will be subject to approval by the Foundation for Environmental Education.  An Taisce is the sole authorised advisory and assessment body for the Green-Campus Programme. Only officers trained and appointed by An Taisce are authorised to advise or assess a Campus on their performance under the Eco-Schools/Green-Campus criteria.

Non-appointed officers may not represent the Green-Campus Programme and should not claim to understand the details of the assessment requirements or awards as they relate to any site.  Information regarding the Green-Campus Programme will only be sent directly to Campuses and not via a third party or advisor. All applications/registrations to the Green-Campus Programme must be made by the Green-Campus Committee and not through a third party or advisor.

The Green-Campus Partner Programme emerged from the Green-Campus programme when it was identified that service providers into the third level sector could benefit from assessing and reducing the environmental impact of their organisational activities, improve their sustainability and support their third level clients in applying sustainable best practice associated with the service. This has led to the development of a programme for Green-Campus Partner organisations which encourages service providers into third level institutions to develop, adopt and apply a seven step environmental management process similar to that of Green-Campus, to their organisation.

The Seven-Step process should be applied to the organisation and implemented with the support and guidance of the Green-Campus office of An Taisce. Upon completion of the Seven Steps, the Green-Campus partner submits an application to the Green-Campus office and a Demonstration Day is arranged to showcase the work of the service provider. An Taisce awards a Green-Campus partner certificate, based on their assessment of the application and demonstration of activities by the organisation. The Green-Campus Partner Certificate is subject to renewal every two years.

This programme encourages a partnership approach to environmental education, management and action in third level institutions. Primarily aimed at campus communities it ensures that students and staff can engage in a meaningful way to enhance sustainability on campus.

HEAnet and the Green-Campus Partner Programme

HEAnet is Ireland’s National Education and Research Network, providing internet connectivity and associated ICT services to education and research organisations throughout Ireland, including all primary and post-primary schools. HEAnet has been collaborating with An Taisce‘s Green Campus FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) programme for several years now. As HEAnet and An Taisce share a common client base across the University and Higher Education sector, they have combined their efforts to promote sustainability and dissemination through the use of ICT technologies.

To fully establish this collaboration, HEAnet successfully undertook Green Campus Certification in their own right, in order to fully experience the programme being pursued by an increasing number of their clients.  HEAnet are the first company to be awarded Green Campus Certification in this category.

Pictured here are John Boland, HEAnet Chief Executive and Andrew Mackarel, HEAnet Project Manager accepting the Green Campus Certification award from Anthony Purcell, Development Manager, Environmental Education Unit, An Taisce. The presentation took place at HEAnet’s National Conference 2015 in November. 

HEAnet are currently in the process of procuring and deploying a new network which will offer  higher bandwidth and services to clients using more energy efficient equipment. HEAnet also lead 1GÉANTs Green team activities (GN4 NA3-T3) and are in discussions with other 2NRENs about their participation in FEE activities in their own countries. For more information on HEAnet’s involvement with An Taisce Green Campus, please contact noc@heanet.ie

GÉANT: Europe’s leading collaboration on e-infrastructure and services for research and education: http://www.geant.org/

NRENs / National Research and Education Networks: http://www.geant.net/About/partners/Pages/Home.aspx

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