The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan (AIPP) for 2021-2025 is a new five-year road map that aims to help bees, other pollinating insects and our wider biodiversity. It is about encouraging a better way of managing our whole landscape to permanently support our struggling biodiversity.

Responsibility for delivering the actions contained in this new Plan is shared out between the main partner organisations. The Plan does not have a project budget. Instead, those organisations who have committed to taking action, agree to fund those actions themselves. The first All-Ireland Pollinator Plan (2015-2020) was initiated by Dr Úna FitzPatrick (National Biodiversity Data Centre) and Prof. Jane Stout (Trinity College Dublin). The second version of the AIPP builds on the success of the first phase. The plan is available to download here.

The AIPP 2021-2025 has 186 actions spread across six objectives.

  1. Making farmland pollinator friendly
  2. Making public land pollinator friendly
  3. Making private land pollinator friendly
  4. All-Ireland Honeybee Strategy
  5. Conserving rare pollinators
  6. Strategic coordination of the Plan

Campuses can sign up to be a supporter of the plan here. Supporters of the AIPP 2021-2025 are groups/organisations who endorse the new plan and agree to take specific actions themselves to assist.

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